/ Tasks and activities

There are several forms of work for organizing the activities of a youth participatory council, each participatory council finds the most suitable one according to its specific task and activity.

Below are some examples of possible opportunities for participatory group activities:

  • Holding meetings as required.
  • Participation in committees/working groups in county as well in city/rural municipality governments, eg Committee on Education, Committee on Culture, Committee on Youth/Youth Work, Committee on Social Affairs etc. In order to appoint a representative of the youth council to a committee, it must be approved in advance by the chairman of the respective committee of the city/rural municipality council.
  • Meetings with heads and representatives of local governments, county development centers, local government associations and other agencies to express opinions, discuss issues concerning young people, exchange information, seek advice, etc. Consultations and negotiations may also be held with various officials.
  • Giving presentations to introduce one’s activities, young people’s rights and responsibilities, their interests and needs, problems and proposals, etc. (to young people, school leaders, officials in local governments, local government associations, etc.).
  • Organizing various events: youth forums, conferences, festivals, seminars, round tables, information day, camps, summer schools, charity events, recognition events, cooperation projects with other participatory groups, campaigns, etc.
  • Representation of young people of a region at various local, county, country or international events (fairs, conferences, forums, trainings, etc.)
  • Getting acquainted with the work and management of the local government and other authorities (how the local government works, what are the main tasks, who is responsible for what and how, etc.)
  • Visiting youth centers to find out about the situation and get an overview of young people’s opportunities (leisure, hobbies, projects, events, etc.)
  • Organizing trainings for members of the local youth council and other youngsters. The most popular training topics so far have been teamwork, project writing, public speaking, motivation, youth participation, etc.
  • Organizing competitions (eg literary, photo and essay competitions, choosing a young person of the year, etc.)

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